The Islamic Council of Queensland was formed and registered in 1984 out of the necessity for united muslim representation for the growing islamic community in Queensland. The Islamic Council of Queensland represents more than 20,000 Muslims residing in the state of Queensland. The council also represents numerous member organisations located in a number of cities in the state stretching from the Gold Coast up to Cairns.  ICQ provides a number welfare services and Islamic services for local Muslims in Queensland including marriage celebrants and burial services. 

The original/founder member societies were:

  1. Islamic Society of Holland Park

  2. Islamic Society of West End

  3. Islamic Society of Lutwyche

  4. Islamic Society of Darra

  5. Islamic Society of Mareeba

  6. Islamic Society of Cairns

  7. Islamic Society of Mackay

ICQ acts as the central representative body for the Muslim community and local Islamic organisations across Queensland. The Council provides a number of social and religious services for Muslims in the area. 

Some of the former presidents of ICQ were:

  • Remzi Mollah  – Mareeba
  • Barry Hassan –  Mackay
  • Malik Mirza – Townsville
  • Hassan El Kherbotly
  • Late Iqbal Mohammed – Holland Park
  • Late Mohammed Tamoum – West End
  • Dr Habibullah – Holland Park
  • Sultan Deen – Holland Park  
  • Late Abbas Ahmed –  Holland Park/Darra
  • Sultan Deen – Holland Park      
  • Abdul Jalal –  Darra      
  • Suleman Sabdia – Algester
  • Mohammed Yusuf – Darra  
  • Ismail Cagee – Holland Park
  • Habib Jamal – Gold Coast

Some highlights of the previous presidents include:

  1. Fundraising for Earthquake/Tsunami in Indonesia and Western Samoa -2009

An Open Day was held at the Islamic College of Brisbane on 25/10/2009 to raise funds for the victims of earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia and Western Samoa. The event was a huge success and in excess of 0,000 was raised and sent to the two countries. The Indonesian Ambassador was among the guests at the event.

Part of the crowd at the fundraising event for Indonesian flood victims

  1. Fundraising for Victims of Floods in Pakistan - 2010

Two separate events were held at the Islamic College of Brisbane. At the Dinner Night in excess of 700 people were present and at the Open Day on 9/9/2010 about 8,000 people attended. A total of about 10,000 was raised and sent to the victims of the floods in Pakistan.

3. Health Care Providers’ Handbook on Muslim Patients – 2010

In 1996, Queensland Health and the Islamic Council of Queensland published the Health Care Providers’ Handbook on Muslim Patients as a quick reference tool for health workers when caring for Muslim patients. The handbook aimed to help care providers understand the religious beliefs and practices of Muslims that could affect health care, and provided health care advice and resources.

The second edition of the handbook was written 2010 under the guidance of an advisory committee comprising:

  • Ms Marina Chand (Queensland Health Multicultural Services)
  • Mr Theo Georga ( Queensland Health Multicultural Services)
  • Mr Mohammed Yusuf (President of ICQ)
  • Imam Zeeyad Ravat ( Islamic College of Brisban e)
  • Dr Mohammed Khateeb ( Prince Charles Hospital)
  • Dr Nada Ibrahim ( Griffith Islamic Research Unit, Griffith University)
  • Ms Madonna McGahan ( Mater Health Services)
  • Ms Suruj Noor ( Princess Alexandwer Hospital)
  • Ms Amanda Parker (Logan Hospital)
  • Ms Nicole Payne ( Royal Brisbane and Womaen’s Hospital)
  • Ms Galila Abdel Salam ( Islamic Women’s Asociation of Queensland).
  • To access the booklet visit :www.health.qld.gov.multicultural.
  1. Fundraising for victims of Qld Floods – 2011

In January 2011 Queensland was hit by one of the worst floods in history. ICQ organised an Open Day at the Islamic College of Brisbane on 30/1/2011 A large number of people attended the event and among the dignitaries the Ambassador of UAE, President of AFIC, Commissioner of Police and other members of the parliament. Approximately 5,000 was collected and handed over to Premier Anna Bligh at a ceremony on 9/6/2011.

About 7000 people attended the fundraising event at the Islamic College of Brisbane. Among the guests were Federal MP Graham Perrett, Commuissioner of Police Bob Atkinson and AFIC President Iqbal Patel.

Ambassador of UAE presenting his personal cheque to President of ICQ, Mr Mohammed Yusuf.

The President of ICQ, Mr Mohammed Yusuf presented a cheque for 5,000 to Qld Premier, Anna Bligh.

  1. Democracy Workshops - 2011

To create a greater awareness of the Australian electoral and parliamentary processes amongst the different Muslim groups in Queensland the three community based organisations – Australian Muslim Advocates for the Rights of All Humanity (AMARAH), crescents of Brisbane and the Islamic Council of Queensland (ICQ) initiated a series of democracy workshops at various centres in Queensland. Workshop sessions were facilitated by Nora Amath (AMARAH), Mustafa Ally (Crescents of Brisbane) and Mohammed Yusuf (ICQ).

The programme was launched at a “Linking Leaders In Queensland “ Lunch on 3/4/2011. Thereafter workshops were held at ICB, AIIC, Bald Hills Mosque, Darra Mosque, Gold Coast Mosque, IWAQ  and Rockhampton Mosque, A final presentation was given at the Parliament House on 23/5/2013 and this was followed by a dinner for the invited guests. The project was funded by the Australian Electoral Commission and Multicultural Affairs Queensland.

  1. Anti-Radicalisation Workshops - 2012

In June 2011 the Federal Government through the Attorney General’s Department gave a grant of 0,000 to ICQ to run workshops on “Empowering Youth to Say No to Radicalisation”

The first workshop held at the Michaels Restaurant in Brisbane on 29/7/2012 a resounding success. The keynote speaker was renowned speaker from Pakistan Dr Tahir Ul Qadri. Several members of the parliament and Government Ministers attended the lecture.

Other workshops were held at the Islamic College of Brisbane, Brisbane International Islamic College, Darra Mosque, Mackay and Townsville Mosques. Lectures were conducted by Dr Mohammad Abdullah.

  1. Fundraising for Victims of Floods in Fiji -  2012

Fiji was hit by one of the worst floods in history in April 2005. ICQ organised a Fundraising Dinner at the Islamic College of Brisbane on 12/5/2012 to raise money for the flood victims in Fiji. In excess of 1,000 was raised at this dinner and the funds were sent to Fiji Muslim League to be distributed to the flood victims.

ICQ Annual Award Nights - 2012

In 2012 ICQ decided to hold Annual Dinner Nights with a view to recognise the work of volunteers who work for the broader Muslim community. 

The second Award Night was held in September 2013 when a plaque was presented to the retiring Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson on behalf of the Muslim community of Queensland. 

Retiring Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson was presented a plaque by the President of ICQ Mohammed Yusuf

The recipients of the ICQ award were :

Recipients of 2012 ICQ Awards from left: Dr Mustafa Ally, Late Mohammed Aziz (Cairns), Amar Ali Khan, Hassan Goss, Fakir Baytieh and Prf. Shahjahan Khan. Also in the picture are Hon Robert Cavalluci ( Assist. Minister for Multicultural Affairs and Mohammed Yusuf (President of ICQ) 

Recipients 2013 ICQ Awards were from left David Forde, Mohammed Yusuf and Usman Rane. Also in the picture are Amar Ali Khan(Master of Ceremony) and Qld Minister for Home Affairs Hon. Glen Elmes.

  1. Annual Quran Competition 2009 - 2013: This was a popular event organised by ICQ annually from 2009 to 2013 in which students from various madrassah in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Islamic College of Brisbane and Australian International Islamic College competed. Competition was held separately for boys and girls of different age categories.