About Us

The Islamic Council of Queensland (ICQ) is the peak umbrella body which represents the interests of Muslims in Queensland. ICQ represents numerous organisations and mosques across approximately ten Queensland cities, which stretch from Brisbane and the Gold Coast to Cairns in North Queensland. We are a Charitable Institution and we are registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC).

ICQ has set about implementing a number of improvement projects which it hopes to achieve in the short to medium term (In Sha’ Allah). ICQ requests the prayers and support of all community members around Australia as we strive to contribute positively to our society. An overview of some of the key initiatives is set out below.

Engaging and building a stronger relationship with all of ICQ’s Member Societies as well as many other Muslim and Non-Muslim community based organisations.

ICQ continues to offer a range of support services to its Member Societies. These services include the arrangement of hufaaz for the month of Ramadaan, organising group discounts for commonly acquired products and services (e.g. public liability insurance), development of a centralised Islamic education curriculum, development of various other programs and workshops (e.g. youth development)


We offer a commercially viable proposition to various retailers (e.g. restaurants, butchers, etc.) and producers (e.g. Abattoirs, processors, etc.) through advertising and promotions. Learn more here.


Grant applications Subject to grant approval (InshaAllah) ICQ will conducts training workshops for Member societies and community organisations. ICQ will assist in the coordination of various projects through an interactive digital platform.

Sports - ICQ ensures community involvement through thee development of sport and youth programs designed to reflect the Islamic and Australian values of teamwork, unity and friendship. 

Community Programs - As a peak body, ICQ takes pride in its ability to create events for the benefit of the entire Muslim community. Our annual Eid Down Under Festival celebrates the end of Ramadan and invites people from all walks of life to celebrate with us. Various community events are put on throughout the year by our member organisations to encourage greater participation in our societies. 

ICQ intends to establish a strong digital presence through its own website and various social media channels. ICQ aims to become the central source of information in relation to any matters involving Islam and/or Muslims. The information provided will be suitable for all audiences including Muslims, Non-Muslims, Media outlets and Politicians. A wide range of matters will be addressed including but not limited to religion, training workshops, politics and current affairs, job opportunities, classifieds, Umrah and Hajj packages, and business promotions and marketing.

ICQ as Queensland’s peak Islamic body, has developed strong relationships with various media outlets in Brisbane. ICQ constantly engages with the media in dialogue to ensure that the Muslim perspective is heard and portrayed to the public. It is important that ICQ continues to work with various Muslim organisations to ensure a consistent message which will be of benefit to all Australians. ICQ adopts a very proactive approach with the media and responds quickly to media requests. This provides significant benefits when major news items break.

ICQ adopts a bipartisan approach to political engagement. ICQ is very active in engaging with politicians on both sides of the political spectrum and constantly raises matters of importance and/or concern on behalf of the Muslim community. To date, ICQ has found the open dialogue approach with politicians to be productive – politicians show more empathy to those whom they are familiar with. ICQ’s goal is to establish a formal lobby group in due course.

ICQ is a firm believer in environmental sustainability and has transformed into a digital model to prevent unnecessary wastage of resources. We employ several corporate social responsibility practices to ensure that we serve our community as well as doing our part to protect the environment.