About Halal Certificate

ICQ's Halal certification program is regulated by our in house Halal Services Manager Brother Hashem Houry.  Our certification services are offered to a range of businesses across QLD. Enquire below to see how we can assist you. 


Halal Service




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I/We, named above undertake to:

1. At all times abide by rules and the guidelines set by the Islamic Council of Queensland (ICQ)
2. Allow the authorised officers/inspectors of ICQ unrestricted access to inspect the premises at any time without prior notice.
3. Immediately advise ICQ of any change in the nature of business and/or change of ownership
4. Pay the nominated annual fee for the halal certificate and any additional fee that may be imposed as a result of any breach that may require further inspections by ICQ.
5. Not to transfer the certificate to anyone or duplicate it under any circumstance.
6. Not to use any label or logo of ICQ once the halal certificate has expired or has been withdrawn
7. Not to cook, sell or deal in any product that has not been certified as halal.
8. Not to display the halal certificate at any premises other than for which it has been issued.
9. Return the Halal Certificate to ICQ after its expiry or withdrawal

I/We, acknowledge that breach of any of the above conditions and/or guidelines may result in the cancellation of Halal Accreditation.

Halal Certifier/Inspector: