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Mosques, Musallahs & Islamic Centres

The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils and ICQ is very proud to present  a list of all the Mosques, Musallahs & Islamic Centres across Australia. Muslims and Non-Muslims can always be assured that wherever they are, they will be welcomed into any one of these institutions.

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The Council of Imams Queensland (CIQ) and the Islamic Council of Queensland (ICQ), on behalf of all Muslims in Queensland, condemn the atrocious attacks on churches and hotels across Sri Lanka.  
Our deepest sympathies and condolences go out to all those affected by these tragic incidents. In recent times the Sri Lankan people from their diverse religious and cultural communities have shown immense resilience in building relationships after experiencing several-decades of civil war in which many lives were lost.  
These acts of terrorism are not compatible with any religious principles, nor are they compatible with human and moral values.  
The right to freedom of religion and the right to pray in safety is paramount.  
We appeal especially to our Muslim brothers and sisters to reciprocate the solidarity and compassion that poured out in the aftermath of the Christchurch mosque attacks in March this year. Let us be at the forefront of condemning these attacks and reaching out in solidarity to our Christian faith communities, neighbours, family and friends who are grieving at this most sacred time of Easter on the Christian calendar.  
Habib Jamal, President - Islamic Council of Queensland  
Imam Uzair Akbar, President - Council of Imams Queensland ---

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