President’s Address

President's Address

President's Address

Presidents Address

As-salamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh

On 10 February 2019, Islamic Council of Queensland held its Annual General Meeting and a new team of office bearers was elected.


Habib Jamal Member

 Janeth Deen OAM

Vice Pres.

Farouk Adam


 Binil Kattiparambil


Muhammad Khatree      


Junaid Qadri

Asst. Secretary

 Akram Buksh


Amar Ali Khan


Saba Ahammad

Member Usman Malabu

Asst. Treasurer

 Ahmad Gundru

There are a few historical aspects to the new ICQ team in that this is the first time that a female has been elected to office, it’s the first time that a representative from the Gold Coast has been elected and I believe it is also the first time that an Imam has been elected. There is a good balance of some members that are relatively new, supported by others that have been serving ICQ for several years in different positions.

The Australian Muslim community is a diverse community in its culture, Islamic schools of thought, and religious opinions and verdicts. As Muslims we must display mutual respect to one another regardless of our cultural backgrounds. Our unity as a Muslim community is of utmost importance and we acknowledge this duty as a religious obligation. We must work together in order to overcome the challenges that the Muslim community is encountering nationally and internationally.

It has been a hectic start for the new team, learning the ropes from our immediate past office bearers and fulfilling our duties and obligations in attending various functions and meetings as representatives of our constituents.

With regards to our future aspirations one of the first things that we did was to write to all member societies and organisations, encouraging them to increase female participation within their respective organisations. This letter can be found here

We endeavour to continue with the strong foundation that has been laid by the previous ICQ committee and the many community initiatives such as chaplaincy work, support for sporting activities, youth initiatives and greater female representation and participation.

As is the problem with all not for profit organisations, ICQ relies heavily on the generosity of its supporters and donors for funding in order to finance all of its activities. However, this is a challenge that we are ready to take on, and with the community's help and support we will be able to make ICQ an organisation that all members of our community will be proud to be a member of.

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